We solve problems comprehensively

We have created tools for the full assessment of air quality in a specific area. Thanks to the system that allows for flexible selection of components depending on the size of the area and the scale of negative phenomena, each city, each commune and each enterprise can receive a reliable air quality analysis in their area.

We strive to ensure that the solutions offered are tailored to the needs of customers, which is why they were tested in one of the largest cities in Poland, ie the City of Poznań.


Stationary system

The stationary system can be installed on buildings or immovable objects such as: intersections, schools, kindergartens, public buildings. Thanks to this, you will find out what the air condition is in the most sensitive places in your city.

Mobile system

The mobile system is used for effective measurement of linear pollution resulting from traffic. Thanks to the installation of a small number of sensors on public transport vehicles, you will get information on the level of air pollution in the agglomeration.

Drone system

The drone system allows for instant, precise and effective diagnosis anywhere. A swarm of drones will precisely indicate the source of the problem and diagnose its impact on the environment.

GIS System

GIS system – implementation of recorded data on air pollution to the geoinformatic resources of a given city.