Modern system measurements

The MapAir sensor is a proprietary solution of LTA Design. The device simultaneously measures six selected chemicals. Data is saved both on the internal memory card and on the server. 

Data from the sensor are sent via a fast LTE link to the Geoportal and can be presented in graphical form in real time. 

The device was tested and calibrated by an independent research center, confirming its high quality and correctness of indications. The MapAir sensor is available at three options: dedicated for mobile vehicles (eg. public transport), for stationary measurements and for drones.

Real-time measurement preview

The MapAIR system allows you to read measurement data in real time, both on mobile and stationary devices.

In addition, a very convenient option is the automatic generation of reports from a selected period of time. Thanks to the initial configuration of the document – you can immediately present the results of the device’s work in the form of maps and charts.

Appropriately defined parameters allow for automatic indication of points in the area where there is a significant violation of the permissible air pollutant emission standards.

Device description

The R-Lab detector is a modular air quality meter, which is included in the basic version dedicated to measure:

  • airborne dust (PM1, PM2.5, PM10),
  • volatile organic compounds (VOCs),
  • formaldehyde (CH2O),
  • sulfur dioxide (SO2),
  • ozone (03)
  • nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

The design of the device is modular and allows easy replacement of components, as well as the expansion of the detector with sensors for measuring concentrations of other sub-bases, e.g. hydrogen chloride (HCl), ammonia (NH3), carbon monoxide (CO).


a single stationary sensor
2 100 zł Monthly
  • Single stationary sensor
  • Service support
  • processing of registered data in the form of a report


a single mobile sensor
3 200 zł Monthly
  • Single mobile sensor
  • Service support
  • processing of registered data in the form of a report


a single sensor
19 800 zł Netto
  • Single sensor
  • 2-year warranty
  • Technical Support